About our Perpetual Memorial Service Graveyard, Houjou-ji Temple


About our Perpetual Memorial Service Graveyard, Houjou-ji Temple


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About Graveyard

"I have nobody who will succeed to my grave."
"We don't want to trouble our children about our grave."
"I can't afford to build a grave."

More people are worrying about their graves because of recent trend toward nuclear families/declining birthrate and aging population.
At Houjou-ji Temple, we hold memorial services and manage graves sincerely regardless of their religions or sects.

Moshun-no-sono at Houjou-ji Temple

Regardless of having any surviving relatives or not,anyone can use Moshun-no-sono (the perpetual memorial service graveyard at Houjou-ji Temple).
In October 2008, related and non-related to the teachings of ancestors gather in this garden, received the service of those who visited the temple and wished to live calmly, with the hope that the building was opened to give the spirit of the main hall.

We have provided consultation to many people who are anxious about grave keeping, worried about their future alone, or don't have any family grave for various reasons. To resolve those worries and anxieties even if only a little.
If you have any questions, ask our temple for details.